El Taller Executiu OMT-UAE sobre "Enfocaments Innovadors per a la Marca de Destinació" ha finalitzat el dia 3 de maig

07 Mg 18


Dubai, UAE

With twenty participants from UAE, the UNWTO-UAE Executive Training Workshop in the United Arab Emirates on “Innovative Approaches and Destination Branding”, organized by the World Tourism Organization, its UNWTO.Themis Foundation, in partnership with MODUL University Dubai and with the support of the Ministry of Economy of UAE, was closed on 3rd May by Prof. Dr. Jörg Finsinger, Academic Head of MODUL University Dubai and Omar Valdez, UNWTO.Themis Foundation Executive Director with presence of Dr. Edith Szivas, Academic director at UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the facilitators,  Adam Bates and Jesse Desjardins.


The Workshop lasted for 3 days, where facilitators equipped participants with capacity, knowledge and skills on Destination Branding in tourism.


During the sessions, participants acquired, with presentations and discussions, specific knowledge on the visitor economy, the experience economy and the destination brand; while, with a step-by-step practical and interactive methodology, they followed a practical guide to branding strategy that made them develop and refine a destination’s brand, implement such a brand, innovate with the brand and deliver the destination’s brand with partners.


If you are interested in knowing more about partnership initiatives please visit: http://themis.unwto.org/content/partnership-conditions