UNWTO Academy Programmes


Needs assessment in tourism education and training. Human Resource Development Plans

The aim of this programme is to strengthen National Tourism Administrations (NTAs) capacity to the manage the tourism sector by carrying out an assessment of the sector’s strengths and weaknesses in education and training, and a gap analysis to identify the difference between the educational supply and the tourism sector’s needs. Policy recommendations and Strategic Development Plans are developed based on the findings of these studies. This programme can also be used to evaluate institutions responsible for the management of the tourism sector and to come up with recommendations for the improvement of these institutions (implementation of this programme is in progress).

2. UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation
Capacity Building Initiatives 

This programme seeks, through various education and training initiatives, to strengthen and develop the capacities and competencies of tourism professionals in their key action areas, as well as share knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive mode.

According to the specificity of content, length and target audience, this program offers tailor-made onsite, online and 'blended' courses delivered by international experts from the UNWTO, UNWTO partner organizations and/or UNWTO.TedQual Institutions.

Applied Training in Development Assistance

The UNWTO.Volunteers programme aims at training young professionals in tourism as a tool for poverty alleviation and development, enabling them to carry-out hands-on transfers of applied practical know-how that will empower the beneficiaries willing to undertake initiatives related to the sustainable development of tourism. This programme is structured in two areas of work:  a University Course on Tourism and International Cooperation for Development and the  UNWTO.Volunteers Corps: Volunteers in action!

Quality Assurance System for Education and Training Programmes

The objective of this programme is to improve the quality of the tourism education, training and research programmes. For this purpose, evaluation criteria have been defined to seek, among other things, to measure the efficiency of their academic system, as well as their degree of incorporation of the tourism industry and students needs to those programmes. The UNWTO.TedQual Programme also relies on other pillars, such as the UNWTO.TedQual Network, UNWTO.TedQual Exchange and UNWTO.TedQual Mentoring.


Quality Assurance System for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs)

The purpose of the UNWTO.QUEST programme is to promote quality and excellence in tourism Destination Management Organizations in planning, management and governance of tourism development, by means of capacity building. To ensure the succesful implementation of criteria and quality standards in the three areas of action (Strategic Leadership, Effective Execution and Efficient Governance), the UNWTO.QUEST programme has a progressive implementation methodology that provides support, assistance and monitoring to the DMO. These actions are implemented through UNWTO.Themis, the education and training arm of UNWTO, with special emphasis on capacity building and the enhancement of professional skills within the DMO.