UNWTO Executive Education


UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation seek to strengthen and develop the capacities and competencies of tourism professionals in their key action areas, as well as to share knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive mode.

These Initiatives are offered onsite, online and blended format, and are always tailor-made to the needs of the different target audiences. 

Such Initiatives are facilitated by UNWTO international experts from UNWTO, UNWTO partners’ organizations and/or UNWTO.TedQual certified Institutions, and co-organised with Tourism National Administrations/Organizations from UNWTO Member States.

Target Audience


The UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation are for high-level tourism officials and professionals from UNWTO Member States’ public and private sector and civil society.






  • Familiarize participants with UNWTO’s vision and knowledge;
  • Build the capacities and competencies of Tourism officials and professionals in their key action areas;
  • Share knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive manner;
  • Develop abilities for the application of tourism management processes, techniques and strategies;
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between UNWTO Membre States and UNWTO.
Who can request/co-organize UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Initiatives? UNWTO Member States and/or UNWTO/Themis Partners that wish to receive UNWTO’s support in launching UNWTO education, training and capacity building actions.



The UNWTO Academy also delivers the UNWTO Practicum aimed at:

  1. visiting UNWTO headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and its UNWTO Academy in Andorra la Vella (Andorra);
  2. familiarizing NTA officials with the different activities of the Programme of Work; and 
  3. giving a specialized workshop on the current areas of interest.


For further information, please contact us via capacity@unwtothemis.org 




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