UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Initiatives Main Steps


These are the main steps for hosting a UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Initiative:

Duration: this process may take between 6 to 8 months.


  1. Request: The highest authority in the National Tourism Administration sends a formal written request to UNWTO proposing: dates, topic (outcomes desired), format, language, place and logistics.
  2. Agreement:
    1. UNWTO replies and sends an agreement to be signed between UNWTO, UNWTO Academy and the host country.
    2. The agreement is signed and received at UNWTO.
  3. Proposal: UNWTO Academy sends a proposal to the NTA with a content outline, a budget and other matters, which is to be accepted by the NTA.
  4. Preparation:
    1. The NTA designates its team: 1 course coordinator, 1 technical visit and prep visit coordinator, 1 communications coordinator.
    2. The NTA identifies the regional/local coordination team, and introduces it is to the UNWTO Academy.
    3. The NTA, UNWTO, UNWTO Academy, experts and the province and town hosts prepare the initiative and organise the Initiative.
  5. Preparatory visit: The NTA and the host town welcome the experts and the UNWTO Academy team up to 4 days before the beginning of the UNWTO.Capacity Initiative, so as to prepare the technical visit (when corresponding) and/or other academic, technical and logistic arrangements. During this preparatory visit, they are to meet and interview the main tourism stakeholders of the territory, visit all the tourism attractions and the territory in general, and prepare the technical visit for the practical part of the Initiative.
  6. Delivery: The NTA and the host town coordinate the everyday of the UNWTO Academy.
  7. Report: Once the UNWTO Academy Initiative has finished, the NTA sends to the UNWTO Academy its final report.