UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Initiatives Specifications


The tailor-made UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation initiatives are offered to a maximum of 45 participants, and may be in any topic listed below or in any other topic of the NTA's choice:

Policy and Strategy Planning and Management Marketing Innovation and Technology Economy and Investment Other topics
Tourism Policy and Strategy Tourism Destination Management Tourism Marketing Smart Destinations Understanding tourism in the National Economy Tourism Activity in the Global World
National Tourism Policy Sustainable Tourism Destination Management Digital Marketing Information and knowledge systems Tourism Investment Portfolio Development Introduction to tourism
Tourism Strategy Tourism Strategic Planning Current Trends in Tourism eMarketing Innovation in Tourism Tourism Investment Portfolio Management Global Tourism Trends
Tourism Development Strategies DMO's Management Market Intelligence Innovation in Tourism Products Enhancing the Local Economy with Tourism Tourism for Diplomats
Cultural Routes Tourism Development Strategy Sustainable Management of Tourism Destinations Tourism Product Development New technologies for sustainable tourism Measuring the Tourism Impact in the Economy Political importance of tourism
Partnerships in Tourism Project Management From Product to Experience Social Medial in the Tourism Destination   Social and economic importance of tourism
Gastronomy as a tool for Tourism Competitiveness Crisis Management in Tourism MICE Product Development The Digital Tourist   Competitiveness and Sustainability
Sustainable Tourism Strategies for Local Development Heritage Management in Tourism Adventure Tourism Development Innovative Approaches to Destination Branding   Quality in the Toursm Destination
Tourism Governance for Local Development Adventure Tourism Management Tourism Routes for Local Development Digila Transformation and its impacts in the Tourism Model   Human Capital Development
Tourism as a tool for Poverty Alleviation Public Management of Protected Areas The Tourism Brand Innovative Tourism Experiences Development   Leadership in Tourism
Sustainable Tourism and Poverty Alleviation Tourism Management in Environmentally Sensitive Areas Positioning in the Market     Sustainable Tourism Project Development
Tourism Competitiveness for Local Development   Communicating Destination's Sustainabily     Tourism and Community Development
    Tourism Communication Tools     Tourism and Climate Change
    Crisis Communications in Tourism     Transformation to the Green Economy
    Promotion and Communication in Tourism      

It may also be either: