UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Methodology and Structure


The UNWTO.ExecutiveEducation Initiative adopts a fact-driven practical approach, by presenting state-of-the-art theory through the analysis of real-life case examples and in-class activities, tailored on participants’ knowledge and objectives. The modular structure adopted is conducive of a highly interactive learning experience that blends presentations, case studies, discussions, debates and practical activities.

Each of the modules adopts a similar structure, to facilitate in-class learning. Each module starts with a calibrated mix of theory and practical examples to introduce the main topic, followed by the presentation of real-life case examples which illustrate the details of an empirical use of the theoretical framework, and by a practical activity where participants can put the theoretical framework in practice, tailoring this approach on their reality.  Presentations will be brief, conceptual, tool-sharing and highly interactive, combined with discussions and debates.

When format and duration of the initiative is adequate, the practical approach includes a technical visit in an area related to the topic of the initiative. During this field trip, participants conduct fieldwork, interviews, information gathering and other interactive activities with the local community. This technical visit is to be planned in coordination with the National and Local Tourism Organizations / Administrations and the UNWTO Academy.

The participants are expected to give, at least, two main presentations: one on the outcomes of the fieldwork (if applicable) and another one on the final task required (which can be a proposal for a route, a plan…).

Moreover, to make good use of this event, participants may receive (when selected) an introductory booklet with UNWTO publications, articles or other reading material, introducing key issues and concepts needed for the initiative, and might be requested to prepare work/presentations on the subject.

The intention of this approach – the transmission and usage of various tools, the expertise of the experts and participants, the discussion forums and the practical group work – is for participants to fully understand the topics of the event.