UNWTO.QUEST is a UNWTO programme that promotes quality and excellence in tourism Destination Management Organizations (DMOs)'s planning, management and governance of tourism development, by means of capacity building.
UNWTO.QUEST is a strategic tool which allows the DMOs to implement an improvement plan to enhance their management processes and thus contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of their destinations.
a) providing a globally consistent and credible framework of criteria and indicators for evaluating DMO effectiveness and efficiency;
b) creating a brand identity for the DMO;
c) providing capacity building through continuous guidance and training; and
d) establishing an inclusive and dynamic network of DMOs and expertise for excellence and quality assurance.
UNWTO.QUEST allows to implement an integrated quality management approach through three consecutive stages:
  • Assessment of the management plans and operations of DMOs
  • Training to assist DMOs in their efforts to improve the knowledge and professional skills of human resources
  • Certification to support the enhancement of quality and efficiency of strategic and operational activities of DMO

Through UNWTO.QUEST, UNWTO helps DMOs strengthen three key areas of performance: Strategic Leadership, Effective Implementation and Efficient Governance.

To ensure the successful implementation of the criteria and quality standards in the three areas, UNWTO.QUEST has a progressive implementation methodology that provides support, assistance and monitoring to the DMO.
These actions are implemented through the UNWTO.Themis, the education and training arm of UNWTO, with special emphasis on capacity building and the enhancement of professional skills within the DMO.
As a result of the process, UNWTO awards the UNWTO.QUEST Certification to those DMOs that have successfully complied with the programme criteria and standards. Consequently, the DMO acquires a global recognition as an entity with efficient governance and high performance.
The certificate is valid for four years. Furthermore, UNWTO offers the possibility of renewal of the certification, in order to promote continuous improvement in the quality management of the DMOs and also enhancing the competitiveness of the destinations.


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