UNWTO Volunteer began its participation in the project in Nicaragua

Begoña Sánchez, member of the UNWTO volunteers corps, is travelling to Nicaragua on 7 April to participate in the project "Strengthening Rural Initiatives and Community Tourism Destinations in Masaya and Granada, Nicaragua" for a period of 11 months.

The integration of the volunteer to the project involves tasks such as: the consolidation of the sustainable, diversified and better integrated tourism products and services supply; the joint Sustainable Tourism stakeholders at the local level to influence the decision making for the promotion of the Masaya and Granada destination; the promotion and marketing of sustainable tourism products and services improved and integrated into systems of national and international trade; and the drafting of reports.
This initiative is the result of an agreement between the UNWTO.Themis Foundation, through its Volunteers Programme and UNWTO’s Technical Cooperation Programme, that consists in integrating UNWTO Volunteers into the implementation of ST-EP projects in order to provide specific tourism development abilities and positively enrich the volunteers perception of the local and social reality.