Inaugurated the UNWTO Executive Training Course in Egypt on “Crisis Management in Tourism”

26 Sep 16
Cairo, Egypt

The UNWTO Executive Training Course in the Arab Republic of Egypt on Crisis Management in Tourism, organized by the World Tourism Organization, its UNWTO.Themis Foundation and Ministry of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt, was inaugurated on 25th September by H.E. Mr Yehia Rashed, Minister of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr. Amr Abdel-Ghaffar , UNWTO Regional Director for the Middle East and Advisor to the Secretary-General on Tourism and Peace, and the facilitator of the course Mr Germán Porras, Senior Tourism Policy Adviser at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


The objective of this course is to provide participants with knowledge, skills, tools and a forum for discussion about current key issues and practices in crisis management strategy.


Participants are expected to gain better understanding on key concepts in crisis management and its processes, apply tools and international best practices in the local contexts and oversee crisis management in tourism strategy development and implementation.


This event blends presentations with workshop activities: the former aim at promoting active learning through a calibrated mix of theory and practical examples, while the latter aim at actively involving participants in a collaborative process that simulates a crisis management planning process for the Arab Republic of Egypt and MENA region.