UNWTO Silk Road Training and Capacity Building Programme

24 Aug 17
Madrid & Valencia, Spain

The UNWTO Silk Road Programme in cooperation with the UNWTO.Themis Foundation and the University of Valencia launch the UNWTO Silk Road Training and Capacity Building Programme in October and November 2017, in Madrid and Valencia, Spain.

Held in collaboration with the UNWTO.Themis Foundation, the operational instrument of UNWTO to deliver its education and training activities, and the University of Valencia, a UNWTO Affiliate Member who will also provide the setting and technical expertise necessary for this training, the project aims to develop technical expertise and raise the capacity building standards among Silk Road members by training NTA officials and university graduates in areas such as national and transnational cooperation, destination management and tourism route development.

The UNWTO Silk Road Training and Capacity Building Programme, with a total of 100 hours in class - 10 ECTS, will consist of:

Online Course #1 on Strategic Tourism Planning and the Silk Road (19 October – 2 November 2017)

Online Course #2 on Project Management and the Silk Road (3 – 17 November 2017)

Onsite Course in Madrid / Valencia, Spain (20 - 29 November 2017)

The courses will be given by renowned lecturers from the University of Valencia and international experts from the tourism sector and beyond. The courses will have a practical and multidisciplinary approach by including presentations, debates and extensive group and fieldwork.


The registration opening  :  1 September 2017

More details can be found following the link