21 September 2012 Countdown to World Tourism Day 2012
With less than one week to go to World Tourism Day (WTD) on September 27, preparations for the official celebrations in host country Spain are well underway.
15 June 2012 The UNWTO Capacity Building Course in Argentina has finalized
24 April 2012 UNWTO National Capacity Building Course Tourism Destination: Policy and Management in Lithuania
3 April 2012 UNWTO Volunteers to support the long-term tourism policy of Bhutan to focus on sustainability and quality
2 April 2012 UNWTO Regional capacity building workshop on Tourism Policy and Strategy in Qatar
19 December 2011 UNWTO organizes crisis communications training programme for the Middle East and North Africa
5 December 2011 International Volunteer Day: UNWTO Volunteers promote tourism’s contribution to development
On International Volunteer Day (5 December), celebrated in 2011 under the theme ‘Volunteering Matters’, UNWTO is highlighting how tourism and volunteer work can make a difference through its UNWTO Volunteers.
2 December 2011 The UNWTO Course Tourism Competitiveness: Tourism planning and product development has finalized
2 December 2011 UNWTO.TedQual Auditors course – Spanish Edition
1 December 2011 Start of the UNWTO.TedQual Regional Programme for Africa in Mozambique